“Facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.”

The laboratory is our free space to collaborate, invent, create.

Ares Collection

The design is a constant conversation about the way in which we live, therefore in this project we have incorporated the resistance to gender violence in the aesthetics and language of jewelry.

Paliacate Necklace

Paliacate is the name given to a kind of Mexican scarf, the connotations of this garment are deep-rooted in our culture, it is used in the countryside to work on the fields or as an accessory that accompanies regional dances.

Volcanic Rocks

In the same way that the rocks tell the story of our environment this has been an experimentation process where the piece of metal is capriciously worn through the sandblast technique giving rise to pieces that disintegrate and exemplify the passage of time and of the natural elements.