Mexican Jewelry

Lusasul is a jewelry brand located in the town of Taxco de Alarcón and México City.

We strongly believe that jewels are totems, personal sculptures, recipients of cultural values and biographical objects. Ours are made in sterling silver and gold. We also employ precious stones, crystals, marble, and other metals like brass and steel.

As we work between the city and the countryside, we also create through the use of 3d printing services and sell internationally, we believe that LUSASUL becomes a narrative of how our traditions flirt with a variety of technologies and in which way this is contributing to present our own craftsmanship tale.

Lusasul es una marca de joyería ubicada en el pueblo de Taxco de Alarcón y la Ciudad de México.

Creemos firmemente que las joyas son tótems, esculturas personales, receptores de valores culturales y objetos biográficos. Las nuestras están hechas en plata de ley y oro. También empleamos piedras preciosas, cristales, mármol y otros metales como el latón y el acero.

Trabajamos entre la Ciudad de México y el pueblo de Taxco, empleamos servicios de impresión 3D y distribuimos a nivel internacional, debido a esta mezcla para nosotros LUSASUL se ha convertido en una historia de cómo nuestras tradiciones coquetean con una variedad de tecnologías y de qué manera esto contribuye a presentar nuestra propia narrativa acerca de lo hecho a mano.


Mexican ¿What’s Mexican?

Mexican Jewelry

We always identify Mexico as a magic realistic place, magic realism is in our roots, traditions, literature, movies, way of life. It’s the absurd, when you take the ordinary as miraculous and the miraculous as ordinary. When I translate this concept to the jewelry, I think about these objects as daily details that can surprise us.

Pensamos en México como este lugar mágico y realista a la vez, el realismo mágico se encuentre en nuestras raíces, tradiciones, literatura, cine, en nuestra forma de vida. Es lo absurdo, es cuando tomas lo ordinario como milagroso y lo milagroso como ordinario. Al traducir este concepto en diseños de joyería, concebimos nuestros objetos como detalles de la vida diaria que pueden sorprendernos.



Mexican Jewelry Designers

CARMEN ZAMBRANO. Lusasul’s Founder, Industrial Designer who has studied in Mexico and Italy. She believes that brands are a merge of cultural values. In parallel to his work in the jewelry industry she teaches at Centro and Anáhuac University in Mexico City.

ANDRÉS RODRÍGUEZ. Master craftsman at the workshop in Taxco de Alarcón. Expert in the creation of silver and gold pieces, setting of precious and semi-precious stones. He has participated and be awarded at Taxco’s annual silver fair. Taxco is known for their families of artisans, Andrés is third generation of jewelers.

Mexican Jewelry Designers

SALONI CHHATWAL. Saloni is Lusasul Content Creator, she believes in knitting experiences and stories together with design to create a much long lasting memory. A post grad in Luxury Brand Management and a product designer, she understands how product and communication can be merged together to create appreciating value.

Mexican Jewelry Designers

NICOLÁS PAEZ. Architect and Product Designer, has studied in Colombia and Italy. In Italy he worked as Senior Designer at Odo Fioravanti Design Studio, developing furniture, electronics and jewelry for companies such as Plust, Pedrali and Maison 203. He collaborates in design projects at Lusasul, has created designs for our Ares collection, branding and storytelling.